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Department of Physics, Tripura University was established in the year 1990. The department runs both M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs. The department has the reputation of producing large number of NET/SLET qualified students several of whom have been awarded with suitable placements in public life. Faculties are trying hard to interact with the rest of the country in the subject by attending national and international meetings, seminars etc. At present departmental faculty members continued project having grant of Rs. 284 lakhs from various central funding agencies viz. DST, ISRO, CSIR, DAE, UGC. The department of Physics has organized several national & international conferences, workshops and refresher courses in recent past.

There are four research group in the department:

»Thin films & Nanoscience:
Faculty member involved in this group: Prof. D. Bhattacharjee & Dr. S. A. Hussain Research interest: Langmuir-Blodgett (LB) films, Self assembled (LbL) films, organo-clay hybrid, FRET, switching devices, optical sensors, biosensors, biomimetic surface, Langmuir films etc.

»Atmospheric Science:
Faculty member involved in this group: Prof. B. K. De & Dr. A. Guha Research interest: Lightning and its effects on terrestrial environment, its relation with long term climate change Coupling mechanism between upper atmosphere (magnetosphere and ionosphere) and troposphere and its relation with space environment Atmospheric aerosol radiative forcing on synoptic scale Precursory signature of earthquakes through electromagnetic channel

»Theoretical Physics:
Faculty member involved in this group: Dr. S. Chattopadhyaya Research interest: Theoretical atomic & molecular spectroscopy, Theoretical condensed matter physics, Theoretical material science

»Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology:
Faculty member involved in this group:Dr. R. Das Research interest: Synthesis and characterization of metal, semiconductor and Magnetic nanoparticles for the study of their different properties with proper applications.

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